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The villagers always spoke ill of the local pub at the corner of the town, next to the forest. The infamous stories of potion brewing and young wizards and witches conspiring to change the "spiteful nature" of the village had reached even Froppy. But he wasn't one to be shot down by rumours of danger. He revelled with the other regular customers at the pub one night, drinking pint after pint of potions that got him hazy and euphoric. He couldn't turn down the invitation to stay the night.  Little did he know he had fallen prey to the coven's experiments.  Froppy woke up to find himself stuck in a never ending cycle of puzzles and mazes, under the influence of the freshly brewed potions.  He will now have to learn and unlearn everything he has ever known and imbibed all his life to escape this dreamland.  Are you up for a challenge to uncondition and recondition yourself and help Froppy escape this fantasy land?

Credits :

Ragin Ramesh

Sushmith P Mathew

Syed Taqueeuddin

Install instructions

Extract the files.

Play the .exe


Froppy's Slumber.zip 22 MB

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